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The international travel jobs, airline jobs, cruise ship jobs and resort jobs employers usually refrain from advertising their available travel jobs, airline jobs, cruise ship jobs and resort jobs, instead they depend on service companies to help them find personnel. Paradise Jobs is one of the leading North American employment agencies in this field. We have worked with cruise lines, airlines and the leading resort management companies  for several years and we have lots of first hand experience with the travel, airline, cruise ship and resorts job market. We have developed personal and business contacts with major travel, airlines, cruise ships and resorts and we know the industry inside-out.

The personnel departments of the travel, airlines, cruise ships and resorts are always looking for new employees in the ever expanding travel industry - whether they be hotel personnel, food & beverage personnel , entertainers, administrative staff, or trainees for entry-level Jobs. Regardless of your profession, your expertise may be required. Even without any particular skills, this industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities around the world.

Jobs you can get


1. Bartenders
2. Housekeeping

3. Administrative Assistant
4. Fitness Instructor
5. Golf Instructor

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Airline Jobs

How would you like a airline job that can take you from the Eiffel Tower to the Caribbean to the Far East and back again? Or how about a position that grants free air travel to you and your friends or family? More...

Cruise Ship Jobs

You see yourself as the adventurous type—not someone who can sit contentedly in a cubicle all day, but a person who wants to get out, see the world, meet people, and experience new sights and sounds. Is this you? More...

Resort Jobs

How about a fun jobs working at an amusement park like Disneyland or Cedar Point or exotic complex in Maui? Wouldn't it be great if you could live and work at some of the most scenic and happiest places in the world? More...

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