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Cruise Ship Jobs

You see yourself as the adventurous type—not someone who can sit contentedly in a cubicle all day, but a person who wants to get out, see the world, meet people, and experience new sights and sounds. It's people like you who are perfectly suited to employment in the cruise industry!

The cruise industry is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the world. Ten to twenty new luxury liners are being built every year, and with that growth there has been an equally impressive boom in the number of available jobs. While many of these opportunities are aboard luxury liners, you can also find employment on smaller vessels that include everything from eco-tour ships to the Amazon, steamboats that recall the grandeur of 19th-century America, and romantic sailing yachts cruising the Maine shoreline.

A wide array of jobs is awaiting you aboard any of these ships. And many entry-level jobs are available, too, ranging from deckhands, ship officers, and maintenance crew to hotel staff, entertainers, tour guides, food and beverage workers, naturalists, and recreation and fitness directors. You're sure to find something that will suit your skills and interests.

To prepare you for your job search in the cruise industry, Paradise Work has created pages and pages of informative materials, including a complete list of job descriptions, frank portrayals of working conditions, an industry overview, a glossary of nautical terms, information on wages and benefits, advice on getting necessary documents and licenses, travel tips, and interviews with employees and employers.

Whether you're a college student looking for a unique experience between school years, or anyone else seeking a break from the ordinary office environment, you'll find plenty of opportunities with cruise companies, large or small.


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