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Picture yourself leading SCUBA dives in the Caribbean, or assisting happy tourists in the open-air lobbies of Maui.... Or how about a fun job working at an amusement park like Disneyland or Cedar Point? Wouldn't it be great if you could live and work at some of the most scenic and happiest places in the world? Well, that's what people who work at resorts and tourist attractions do almost every day, and you can be part of it by learning about employment in the resort industry.

Working at resorts is a great option for college students looking for something to do during the summer break, since that coincides perfectly with peak seasons at most resorts. Another advantage is that finding an entry-level position is easier at a resort than at almost any other kind of business. Resorts are always looking for young, energetic people with good people skills to attend to their customers. Many of them, especially parks like those owned by Disney, actively look for college students by holding job hiring fairs.

In this site, Paradise Jobs will tell you all about what it's like to work at a resort, offer you tips on developing your qualifications and getting hired, describe the various jobs that are available, and give you other helpful insights. You will also find here some very in-depth information on the following job Jobs: SCUBA instructor, windsurfing instructor, tennis instructor, massage therapist, and gourmet chef. Make sure you take full advantage of the icons and hyperlinks within these pages. By clicking on them, you'll be taken to charts, photos, maps, interviews, and many other interesting features.


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